After a successful trial period with industry-leading clients in the Netherlands, the Belgian company HorsemenCare is now launching their range of natural wax-impregnating agents in our country, as well. The water-based wax used to impregnate the subsurface offers a number of practical advantages around algae and moss removal: during extensive tests, for example, at Qpark parking facilities in The Hague and with various owner’s association managers, algae and mosses adhered less to concrete, stone and wooden (bankirai) decks over a long period of time, which makes a considerable difference in cleaning costs, and instead of  (semi-)annual green scale cleaning, the maintenance cycle is considerably extended. From marina to holiday park, the applications are endless.

HorsemenCare’s initial product range consists of three products: stone protection, concrete protection and wood protection. In all cases it is a transparent water-based wax that leaves the appearance of the surface intact. The surface remains breathable – for stone and concrete protection, according to the ASTM E96-80 standard. A major advantage of this wax technology: it is UV inert. In addition to the reduced adhesion of green scale, it also offers a hydrophobic protection. But the emphasis for recreational companies is often on saving on cleaning algae and moss and preventing slippery surfaces.

“In addition, the certificate from the Scientific Building Bureau in Brussels is also objective proof that HorsemenCare increases quality and especially reduces cleaning costs,” says Mr. Guido Pattyn, technical director. Based on these experiences, a range of tests was carried out in 2016: “We have seen convincing results on both concrete and natural stone. For example, The Owner’s Association at Haaglanden has also chosen HorsemenCare for one of its prestigious properties,” says Mr. Robert Greven of Claasen Coatings in The Hague, “but we also see plenty of opportunities in wood care, such as on decks.”

An important reference project is the famous Arbour Hill monument in Dublin. “Our products are used in various countries to protect monuments. Since 2013, the independence monument in Dublin has been provided with HorsemenCare stone protection. This has demonstrably reduced cleaning costs,” says Pattyn.

The stone protection is suitable for a wide range of surfaces – from Belgian blue stone to bankirai decking. The application is simple – the products can be sprayed on at low pressure and they are non filming. They are also easy to remove, if necessary. It’s a tried and true technique with a modern twist. Now also in the Netherlands.

About HorsemenCare

HorsemenCare was developed by AVALO Bvba under the leadership of Mr. Guido Pattyn, based in Izegem, Belgium. For many years, their products have been used on projects in Belgium, ranging from natural stone to concrete to exotic wood. In the Netherlands, there are several distributors available who can deliver directly from stock. For more information, visit or e-mail

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