Yes, the products must be stored above 5°C.

Everything can be cleaned with lukewarm water and soap

All products are VOC free and allow your wood to continue to breathe, because there is no filming, and maintenance afterwards is very easy.

If you compare these with classic filming systems, the resistance is much lower. That is why we do not recommend this wood protection for windows, frames and doors.

Yes, in a manner of speaking, you could eat from it. The binders are starch, linseed oil, waxes and pigments without any chemical treatment. The principle stems from a 300-year-old Finnish tradition where people had no paint, so they cooked their own to protect their wooden houses.

They are mixable. But when mixing, always respect the mixing ratio to obtain the same colour and, of course, stir well before use.

No, those layers must be removed first. Horsemen wood care wood protection and cedar oil is a breathable system and cannot be applied over old filming layers. Through years of experience with this system, we guarantee your wood a lifetime of breathable protection that can be easily re-treated with a new layer. In fact, the adhesion to old layers of Horsemen woodcare wood protection and cedar oil is getting better and better.

When treating facades, the glass does not need to be taped, as our emulsion is easy to wash off and is not abrasive to stained glass windows.

This wax emulsion is perfect for blue stone, as the emulsion restores the stone its original colour. In contrast to vapour-tight silicon-based products, the blue stone does not turn black but regains its natural blue-grey colour.

The advantage of an impregnating agent, based on waxes, is that the wax is UV inert. When exposed to UV rays, after a few years the classic systems work less and less. On the other hand, lab tests have shown that after six years, surfaces treated with wax emulsions still contained sufficient wax particles, which continue to have a water and dirt repellent effect. Our WTCB report clearly shows that certain surfaces could be tested up to four times longer.

The product is designed to keep your stone easy to maintain for at least three years under very extreme conditions. It goes without saying that the type of stone, the roughness, the location of the stones, horizontal or vertical position, etc. have a huge influence on durability. Field tests on cladding after five years still gave sufficient guarantees of dirt repellence.

No, the waxes, present in this product, penetrate sufficiently deep into the stone, in such a way that there is no risk of any slipperiness.

The product’s viscosity is such that it is easy to spray and can easily penetrate into the stone. Afterwards, however, it should be evened out with a roller or brush. The purpose of this protection is to fill the pore of the substrate with waxes in such a way that algae, dirt and moss cannot adhere.

Because of its breathable character, its non-filming properties and its neutral appearance, this product is ideal for natural stone, both indoors and outdoors. In fact, this system meets three conditions: anti-algae, vapour tightness and a non-permanent anti-graffiti protection.

No, the surfaces to be treated must always be cleaned before using the product. For new stone, at least two layers must always be applied.

The tiny wax particles, combined with some natural oils, attach themselves to the pore of the wood and repel dirt, water and algae.

Certainly, treatment protects the composite against algae, dirt and moss.

Under no circumstances, the impregnator penetrates deep into the wood and does not form a film.

The wood can continue to breathe further and it doesn’t form a film. This is important for exotic wood, as a treatment with filming systems start to flake over time! Due to its breathable character, future maintenance remains problem-free.

That depends on the location, type of wood and treatment. We recommend that the wood be sufficiently saturated so that all the pores of the wood are filled. The waxes do not degrade with UV exposure. If the water repellence decreases significantly, we recommended an additional treatment.

After a few weeks or months, the wood will gradually age, but pollution and contamination will not occur as with untreated wood. Also the water absorption of the treated wood is much lower!

This wax emulsion is particularly suitable for the protection of untreated exotic wood, untreated thermo wood and untreated composite wood. Its breathable character gives this product a natural protection without flaking.

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