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Beautiful, natural materials, such as natural stone and exotic wood, need protection against natural and especially human damage – things like acid rain and pollution from exhaust fumes.

These beautiful materials are usually sold untreated, but years of weathering leaves their surfaces dirty, green and stained.

Our solution is a natural hydrofuge based on natural waxes, VOC free and non filming. The treated surface retains its natural character and appearance but is now water-repellent, dirt-resistant and easy to maintain.

All horsemen care protective products are aimed at combining aesthetics, nature and algae protection and are based on a centuries-old Scandinavian tradition that keeps the maintenance of natural stone and exotic wood to a minimum!

As a former owner and producer of waxes and wash oils, I have almost forty years of experience with waxes, natural oils and their applications. I truly believe that with natural raw materials (like natural oils and waxes in solid and liquid form) there is a range of ways to offer optimal protection in a natural and ecological way. That combination, together with the experience I have gained in the past through my intense interest in Scandinavian non-filming protective products, were the foundation for these products. I am proud that I have found a worthy successor in my son Pieter for the future and hope that this new development can continue.

A commercial partnership with Pascal Devolder from D-ECO WOODPRODUCTS means we can guarantee professional, skilled support for the Belgian, French, German and Italian markets.

For the Dutch, English, Irish and Canadian markets, I am fortunate to enjoy a wonderful partnership with Mike Frankhuizen, who is responsible for development, follow-up and processing in these markets. In the Czech Republic, we work with Caryawood out of Bystrice, who are fully responsible for technical and commercial support in Eastern Europe.


Through years of collaboration with a Finnish manufacturer of natural paints and their various dealers in the Netherlands, Belgium, for years now there has been significant interest and admiration for the Scandinavian philosophy of protecting and storing wood in a non filming way. This technique has long since shown that, over the long term, the treated surfaces last much longer and are easy to maintain. The mechanical and chemical resistances are somewhat less than with traditional filming applications, but the maintenance and long-term durability are important advantages.

It is mainly the combination with the miniscule wax particles, and in some cases micronized glass particles, that make the difference. Both raw materials are UV inert and do not degrade with exposure to UV rays.

Our classic way of thinking – that natural stone, concrete and exotic wood should, in principle, not be treated – is increasingly becoming a thing of the past. Practical experience has long shown that it’s not only algae and water that cause significant damage, air and other types of pollution (and certainly in our industrial areas) turn natural stone, concrete and exotic wood ugly.

Frequent treatment with chemicals and pesticides (e.g. using methane, bleach, etc.) combined with high-pressure cleaning make the surfaces increasingly fragile and more sensitive to dirt, algae and mosses, plus it also causes a lot of environmental pollution.

That is why we’re taking a preventive and sustainable approach to the problem.


No, we do NOT sell horse riding equipment and are not a manufacturer of horse and animal care products. We chose our name based on the deliberate idea that all of our developments are based on solvent-free products and natural raw materials. The market is full of so-called ECO, BIO, AQUA products, which usually have nothing to do with nature.

We choose the names HORSE and MEN, which truly reflect our slogan: “WHERE QUALITY MEETS NATURE”, and the centaur’s logo refers to the strength and confidence this mythological figure represents.


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Wood care

water-based wood stain made using natural raw materials combined with natural waxes. It’s ideal for treating all untreated garden wood, wooden chalets or houses, cladding, fences, pergolas, carports, etc.

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Stone care

Cleaning and maintenance becomes much easier. Because the pores of the stone are filled with wax, algae and moss can no longer adhere, and where moss formation still occurs (the deeper places) it can easily...

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Deck care

water-based water and dirt protection for untreated exotic wood, thermally treated wood such as thermowood and accoya and pressure impregnated wood. It also provides excellent protection for composite wood.

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