Thanks to the efforts of Robert from Claasen Coatings, we’ve paid a visit to a leading Owner’s Association Management with more than 1,000 client Owners’ Associations (VVEs). They are very interested in HorsemenCare’s solutions. And importantly, they want to get started before the winter. Now that’s striking while the iron is hot. And is it hot.

Professional and reliable property management is an absolute must for the quality and continuity of your Owners’ Association. After all, managing an Owner’s Association requires more than good intentions: it is a business that requires 100% focus.

There are hundreds of Owner’s Associations in the Netherlands. In addition to daily maintenance, an Owner’s Association has to anticipate future (major) maintenance. A multi-year maintenance plan can provide clarity around what future costs will be. On the basis of this plan, a reserve fund should be created that can pay for the (major) maintenance when the time comes.

A well-maintained building ensures that the value and selling price of the apartments remains as high as possible. Plus, it’s much nicer to live in a well-maintained apartment complex. HorsemenCare is an important part of this.

This week in pictures:

Groot Hoogelande in Wassenaar. A prestigious project created by famous architect Sjoerd Soeters. The old Menken dairy is now home to residents who appreciate quality and style, the ideal target for HorsemenCare.

To avoid misunderstandings: This week, Guido Pattyn and the Owner’s Association Management make a site visit to see to what extent HorsemenCare is suitable. But this target group has explicitly indicated a very serious interest, and this is an extremely interesting target group for us.

We will keep you informed and would just like to say: try to get in touch with an Owner’s Association Management firm today.


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