A promotional brochure has been developed specifically for professional application companies that recognize the added value of a sustainable solution for algae growth. The brochure includes a product description, technical data and the full WTCB report.

De evaluatie van de militaire begraafplaats in Champion, Belgie, is uitstekend verlopen. Foto’s en gegevens bij HorsemenCare beschikbaar.

Why this new brochure? After the launch of the HorsemenCare range, we realised that professional real estate managers in particular could use the added value of the combined ‘protection and prevention’ of algae and moss growth. Terms such as ‘business case’ (read: savings) and sustainability (read: completely natural + savings) resulted in significant deals, from parking garages to monument conservation.

Would you like your own copy? The brochure is available in both digital and printed form, so you can use a specific brochure to target the specific group. The brochure will be distributed as soon as possible.

Interested in the photos? They are also available for you to use on your website or in your presentation. We would also like to get photos from you – especially before/after and application shots. At the end of the day, a picture really is worth a thousand words. And don’t forget the videos!



The cleaning costs of large structures, such as infrastructure projects, are high, clocking in at a ratio of 12% material costs and 88% labour and application costs (aerial work platform, deposits, etc.) HorsemenCare can improve that ratio: instead of using temporary cleaning agents, a sustainable solution will quickly pay off. It certainly did in The Hague at the Qpark Bogaardplein parking garage. Want to know more? E-mail us at

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